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Electrical Engineering department has sixteen state of the art laboratories. These laboratories are not only for academic purposes at BS and MS level but also give the provision for advance research in the field of Electrical Engineering. The following labs are fully functional at present;

  1. Electronics Lab
  2. Physics Lab
  3. Communication/DSP Lab
  4. Control Lab / Instrumentation Lab
  5. Machine Lab
  6. Power System Lab
  7. Microprocessor / DLD Lab
  8. VLSI Lab / Optical Engineering Lab
  9. Engineering Workshop
  10. CAD Tool Lab
  11. Network Engineering Lab
  12. 4 Computer Labs
  13. Computer Lab – 2/ Simulation Lab

The detail of the laboratories is presented below.

Digital logic design and Microprocessor is the core of modern embedded system design so this lab plays a vital role in imparting knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to our students. This Lab is equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment like Microprocessor/Microcontroller Trainers, all sorts of program burning capabilities to hardware and interfacing with real-world equipment. At the end of each semester students have to complete a project which gives strength to their theoretical knowledge, thus laying a strong foundation for the students to gain hands-on knowledge and then perform to their best in the corporate world.

Telecommunication / Digital Signal Processing Lab

In the 3rd and 4th academic curriculum, the students of BS(EE) and BS(CE) are required to perform practically on principle of communication, Microwave engineering, Antenna and DSP. Telecommunication/DSP lab is equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment to fulfil the requirements of students in performing practicals and projects in the field of communication, Microwave engineering, Antenna and DSP.

Control/Instrumentation Lab

The control/ instrumentation lab at the CUI Abbottabad is a state of the art lab equipped with all the necessary equipment needed which not only fulfils the educational demands but also prepares our student to meet the challenges of the modern industry. The lab is equipped with 10 numbers of PLC simulators each having 17 numbers of additional modules e.g. A/D and D/A converters, relay units, Temperature Sensor Unit etc. The lab also contains a process control panel which has the capability of level/pressure/flow /temperature control.

Physics Lab

Remarkable apparatuses like E/M, Charge to Mass Ratio, Rydberg’s constant, and Newton ring’s apparatus are available in the physics lab. The equipment is adept at master level research and experiments. Beside all these spectroscope and polarimeter used for finding the wavelength of any chromatic light are available for the experiments. 

Image Processing Lab

Image Processing (IP) Lab was established in Feb 2007 to conduct research based projects on image processing. The research work in IP-Lab mainly focuses on Medical Imaging. The main problem faced in medical imaging is overlapping of different bony structures with soft tissues, blurriness of angiographic images, the thickness of different vascular structures or low visual quality of angiographic videos, etc. For all such problems, these images must be post or pre-processed. We, in the image processing Lab, emphasize on such kind of tight spots. To date, eight projects have been completed in the Lab. Four journal papers and two conference papers are produced by the Lab. The Lab is still under development and promises a prolific and fruitful future for the students of CUI interested in the field of image processing.

VLSI lab

VLSI Lab at CUI Abbottabad is among the most prestigious labs of its kind in Pakistan Which houses state of the art equipment. The lab established in 2003 is operational with the latest equipment such as logic analyzers and FPAA boards. The lab is currently being used for implementing core designs on FPGAs

Electric Machine Lab

The Electric Machines Laboratory is the Department’s main facility for instruction in the operation, testing, and control of electric machinery and electric power equipment. Laboratory aims to equip students with knowledge and skills in electric power technology that can be applied directly in industry. The purpose of this laboratory is to provide facilities for the students to learn the principles of ac and dc machines. The importance of this laboratory for all engineering professionals cannot be underscored. In view of its importance, this laboratory is utilized by Mechanical Engineering students as well. In addition, final year students working on different projects make use of these facilities. The facilities include AC and DC machines, speed control apparatus, transformers, and other accessories.

Power System Lab

The electric power Research Laboratory is dedicated to research aimed at providing a safe, reliable and optimum generation, distribution, conversion, measurement and control of electric energy. Work in Laboratory consists of a laboratory experiment, testing, computer simulation of electric power apparatus, equipment, structures, materials and systems. The laboratory is equipped with a Terco power Simulator, Electric electromechanical relays, a Multi-Amp relay testing set, a power measurement PC-based mini-SCADA system, power monitors and power command controller.