Event Management Committee (EMC)

List of Contents
  • EMC Overview
  • Flow Diagram of all the Activities
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Recommendation Mechanism to DARC
  • CQI Process and Flow Diagram
  • Evidence of Activities for PEC evaluation

EMC Overview

In ECE department EMC was founded in 2018. The main objectives of the committee are given below.

  • To plan, organize and manage co-curricular activities during the semester like seminars, lectures, workshops, exhibitions etc.
  • To work closely to various departmental societies and forums and conduct the activities planned by the societies.
  • To plan and organize CPD Workshops (as per PEC guidelines)
  • To facilitate the faculty in organizing any co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities.
Figure 1: EMC Overview

Flow Diagram of EMC Activities

Figure 2: Overall flow diagram of EMC Activities

Recommendation Mechanism to DARC is as follows:

  • Emails to DARC members
  • Suggestions, comments, and improvement plans
  • Analysis and Improvements at the end of each semester
  • Departmental meetings and discussions

CQI Process

Figure 3: CQI Process

Evidence of Activities for PEC evaluation

Feedback of PLC Workshop

Industrial Power And Control Using PLC CPD Workshop

Industrial Power & Control Using PLC (1 CPD Point Workshop) held on december 1 2018 under the Pakistan Engineering Council, COMSATS University Islamabad Abbottabad Campus & IET, The Institute of Engineering & Technology UK.

Feedback of LaTex Workshop


Workshop On LateX (1 CPD Point)

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering has organized one day workshop on LateX (1 CPD Point) in collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council & Team IET OnCampus CUI Abbottabad Network on May 4 2019.

The workshop introduced the audience to LaTeX tool and present practical tips required to create professional articles (papers, reports) in LaTeX.