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Dr. Qaiser Mahmood (TI)

  1. Characterization and treatment of Hattar industrial waste water

            Funding Agency: Higher Education Commission (NRPU)

             Amount: 3.4 millions

Dr. Muhammad Bilal

  1. Biomass derived adsorbents or industrial wastewater treatment

 Funding Agency: Higher Education Commission

 Amount: 4.5 millions

Dr. Adnan Ahmad Tahir

  1. Glacier changes and associated hydrologic impact under warming climate in Hunza Valley along the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor (30 Million PKR – International collaborative Project between China, Pakistan and Nepal – Approved by Funding Agency: NSFC China and ICIMOD) (on-going 2018-2021)
  2. Investigating the snow cover and glaciers variation trend in the Gilgit River basin, using satellite remote sensing – HEC project of Rs. 0.5 million, approved in May, 2012 for 1 year duration – Completed
  3. Climate change impact on Cryosphere melt and hydrology of a high-altitude river catchment area – Use of a blend of Remote Sensing and ground data – CIIT Project of 0.16 Million PKR (Completed)

Dr. Usman Irshad

  1. Phosphorus use improvement in legume cereal based agricultural system

Funding Agency: Local government Sichuan province China

Amount: 7.33 Million

  1. Utilization of complex network of microbial interactions for mobilization of soil phosphorus inaccessible for plant growth

Funding Agency: HEC Pakistan

Amount: 2.7 Million

  1. Isolation and identification of bacterial grazer nematodes: their effect on rhizo-bacterial communities and phosphorus uptake by pine seedlings

Funding Agency: HEC Pakistan

Amount: 0.5 Million PKR 80 %

 Status: Completed

  1. Metabolic bases of soil-biota interactions and their biocontrol potential for host plants

Funding Agency: HEC Pakistan

Amount: 0.5 Million PKR

  1. Isolation and characterization of carbamate hydrolase from indigenous bacterial species

Funding Agency: CIIT

Amount: 0.2 Million PKR

Dr Farhan Hafeez

  1. Nitrogen cycling in different soil ecosystems and influence of the size of nosZ denitrifers on overall budget of the greenhouse  gas-nitrous oxide 

           Funding Agency: IFS

           Amount: USD 10,500

           Duration: 2 years

  1. Metabolic activity in pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars in combined treatments of K+ & Na+ and varying salinity levels 

         Funding Agency: HEC

         Amount: PKR 0.5 million

          Duration: 1 year

  1. Title: Ecological aspects of nitrogen cycling in terrestrial ecosystems and the emission of nitrous oxide, an important greenhouse gas.

       Duration of project: 12 months

       Grant: PKR 0.5 million.

Dr. Zulfiqar Bhatti

  1. Title: Prevention of benzene formation and improving water quality to enhance juice shelf life. collaboration with Juice industry and providing research facilities at their lab

     Funding Agency: Industry Ongoing Project

  1. Title: Air quality monitoring to control biological hazards

      Funding Agency: Eco-Pack Industry Amount

      0.1 Million Ongoing Project

Dr Mohammad Shahzad

  1. Title: Metabolic activity in pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars in combined treatments of K+ & Na+ and varying salinity levels 

      Funding Agency: HEC

      Amount: PKR 0.5 million

Dr. Shamyla Nawazish   

  1. Gradient analysis of vehicular and Industrial emissions along Hattar  (Haripur) to Mansehra city at Express Highway, KPK, Pakistan.

Funding Agency : HEC, RSGP,

Amount:   0.5 million  (completed )

  1. Identification of air pollutants effects, cultivated community mobilization coupled with initiatives in Abbottabad and Hattar Industrial Estate.

Funding Agency: HEC, NRPU,

Amount:   3.28 million (Ongoing Project)

Dr Romana Khan

  1. CO2 capture and utilization of thermal power plants using nanomaterials.

Funding Agency: Programme of Cooperation (PoC) in Science and Technology, PSF and MSRT 2019.

Amount: 1.338 M (in progress)

  1. Design and construction of a cylindrical photoreactor for decomposition of aqueous organic pollutants using TiO2 and doped TiO2 photocatalysts.

Funding Agency: CIIT 2010

Amount: 0.2M. Completed