Industrial Linkages

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Current Linkages

·         UNIDO MoU – business portal for small business development

·         SMEDA MoU – Centre for Entrepreneural Development and Innovation (CEDI)

·         Lahore Chamber of Commerce

·         State Bank of Pakistan – Student Internships

·         Alcatel-Lucent Pakistan Limited – Seminar Talks and Student Internships

        Future Proposed Linkages and International Collaborations

·         COMSIAN Association

·         Endowment fund

·         Job fair

·         Alumni Activities

·         Linkages with foreign Universities

·         A close liaison is to be established with the industry through faculty research

·         Linkages with international and national universities through faculty and students exchange programs

o   University of Bradford, UK

o   University of Victoria, Australia

o   Westminster University, UK

·         Accepting the advice of the corporate leaders in our curriculum and students development for better tailored needs that will help in not only job attainment for the students but also build goodwill of the institution.

·         Initiation of industry based reports in the core courses of our programs

·         Develop a relationship with public sector organizations for augmenting their efforts in transition phases

·         Launching of an endowment fund for student support through the industrialists