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Since the establishment of CUI, Abbottabad Campus in 2001, there was a need felt to establish a section that will be responsible for dealing the legal matters within or outside the campus. Initially, legal matters were centrally controlled/handled by CUI, Principal Seat Islamabad including the hiring of legal advisors and advice on legal matters etc then Syndicate of CUI in its 4th meeting, decentralized the legal matters vide Notification # CUI-Reg(M)Syndicate-03(4)/20/2812 dated 8th December 2020, and campuses were given autonomy to deal the legal matters themselves.

The Legal Section is responsible for providing legal services and advice to the Campus authority, its various sections/departments, and employees. The Section deals with a great number of different legal matters, these matters include, advising the Human Resource Section on various employment-related issues of employees, advising academics departments for academic-related matters of students, representing CUI, Abbottabad in litigations filed by either employees or students at various courts including, Civil Courts, High Courts, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Wafaqi Mohtasib, Right of Information Commission wherever necessary. All these activities create the workflow of the Legal department. The following main functions of the legal section can be observed:

  • Providing legal advice and guidance on HR and Academic matters whenever required
  • Prosecution of cases in various courts and litigation management
  • Documentation preparation and drafting in coordination with legal advisors


The following are the main objectives of the legal section

  • Identify legal issues in cases filed by employees or students against CUI, ATD
  • Apply legal issues to facts to successfully defend the position of CUI, ATD
  • Understand the structure and functions of court systems
  • Preparation of effective response in litigations on behalf of CUI, ATD
  • To closely coordinate and timely respond to legal advisors of CUI, ATD in legal matters
  • To identify issues in legal matters and facilitate the legal advisors
  • To prioritize issues of interest to the case at hand
  • To apply the appropriate law to given fact patterns
  • Recognize the ethical obligations of a paralegal
  • Be familiar with the local professional code of ethical responsibility and the ethical standards of major paralegal professional associations


Legal Section, CUI ATD has been assigned the main task to represent the campus in litigations at various courts of law when and wherever necessary. Besides the main task, the legal section is providing its technical and professional support to all sections of administration in advising on human resource and academic-related matters in the light of the prevailing law of the country.


The legal section of CUI, Abbottabad campus comprises of following team members

Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz Khan
Deputy Controller Exam/ Incharge Legal Section
 Advocate High Court Abbottabad