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Primary Health Care Centre

CIIT Abbottabad houses a fully equipped Medical Centre that has its own Medical Store and a qualified doctor to provide immediate medical care in case of any on-campus emergency. Also, Ayub Teaching Hospital, which is a fully equipped hospital, is a two minutes’ drive from our campus.

The present strength of the center is as under:

  • SMO ( Senior Medical Officer)
  • Dispenser
  • Peon
Duties of SMO
  • Provision of First Aid.
  • To provide Primary Health Care services to all.
  • To promote Health education.
  • Counseling & psychological assistance of students.
  • Awareness about the preventive measures relating to common Seasonal and deadly diseases by arranging seminars and Vaccination Camps.
  • Curative and Diagnostic services.
  • Referral services.
  • Follow up services.
  • Medical cover during Sports.
  • Medical cover during seminars, conferences, Convocations and every event of COMSATS.
  • Verification of Medical cases.
  • Verification of Scholarships Forms.
  • Provision of medical fitness certificates for new inductees.
  • Minor Emergencies are entertained.
  • Serious emergencies are referred to Ayub Teaching Hospital and CMH Abbottabad.
  • Referral Services and Liaison with CMH ATD.
  • Visits and inspection of Food points.
  • Preparation of monthly report.
Stress Reducing Counseling Sessions
  • Counseling for Stress reduction is frequently provided to the students in smaller groups at the medical Center.
  • Awareness lecture and vaccination camp against Typhoid and Hepatitis.
  • Articles in Newsletter on health issues.
  • Evaluation of staff.
Duties of Dispenser
  • Facilitate SMO in providing First aid.
  • Facilitate SMO in emergencies.
  • Receiving patients.
  • Maintaining vital signs.
  • Dispensing medicines prescribe by SMO.
  • Dressing ( ASDs).
  • Stitching of wounds.
  • Provision of injections in emergencies.
  • Height and weight record.
  • Performing duties in every events and sports.
  • Daily and Monthly record keeping of patients.
  • Daily and Monthly record keeping of medicines.

Dr. Khalida Mushtaq

Senior Medical Officer
Tel: +92-992-383590